Wondering Where To Get Pet Tags Made?

Wondering Where To Get Pet Tags Made?

On a few occasions in the lifetime of your pet, you'll need to have pet ID tags made. Likely when a new pet joins your family, again when the tags wear or your contact information needs updating, or when you purchase a new collar or harness for your pet.

Often, the options that are most readily available can be fine, but if you prefer to reflect your pet's personality, you'll want to find something a bit cooler than what they have at the local Petco store. So where to get your pet tags made?

Cute ID name tag for pets

Pet ID tags are one of the best ways to ensure your pet returns home if they are lost. The contact information is readily available and can be easily changed if your phone number or address changes, with minimal investment. ID tags are also more visible and don't require special equipment to read.

Here at Silly Goose Pets, we absolutely recommend microchipping your pet. It is by far the best method for identifying a lost pet and is a tool relied on by veterinarians, police, and animal rescues to return pets to their families. Unfortunately, the best attributes about chips can sometimes lead to their failure. Since they are always with your pet, but under the surface of their skin, it can be easy to forget about them!

"Out of sight, out of mind" can work against us as pet owners. If your phone number or address changes throughout the life of your pet, that information needs to be updated with the microchip company in order to ensure the chip works as intended. I volunteer with an organization that works to reunite lost pets with their owners when the microchip is a "dead end," meaning that the contact information is no longer valid. I can't tell you how many cases I've worked that could have been easily solved with a pet ID tag in addition to updating the chip info!

There are many brands that sell adorable pet tags on Etsy and Amazon, as well as the in-store lightly engraved tags available at Petco and Petsmart kiosks. Whatever you choose, we recommend something sturdy and easy to read! Of course, we have to mention our best-selling pet tags that are lightweight, durable, and fade-resistant.

No matter where you get your pet tags, keep your chip info updated and set a reminder in your calendar once a year to check it and make sure!

Thanks for reading and here's to happy pets!


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